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2014 Dec.

Hey Jackie Chan!

Owing to the earnest admiration to the greator actor,Jackie Chan,we decided to build the website to sum up Jackie Chan's most famous movie series 'The Police Story'.

It's interesting to find some relations and adjustment during these series.We divided the movie into 4 base parts 'Dialogue','Fight','Motion','Credits'. The Jackie Chan's films are famous for its action,so we can't see some special scenes like the 'montage'. Maybe it's normal,but we also can see some information from these simple charts.

We also build a Force-Directed Graph to show the actors who collaborated with Jackie Chan previously. The distance and the weight of the edge is decided by the quantity of movies they cooperated.

The bule node stands for the male and the other node means the female. You can focus on some specific node to see more information.

This piece was inspired by the 'Rocky Morphology'.Thanks for their awesome works.

Interactive hints

When you mouseover the categories,the corresponding part is highlighted and the sum is also clear.

You can also click the categories to chose the specific part to see its length.

Put the mouse on some specific node to see the relationships more clearly.

Hey There!

We also use the data which listed above to show the proportion of the actors.

The first layer is about the actors who are from 'Mainland','HK' or 'Foreign'

The second layer is the gender.The next layer is their names.

The last layer are the films' names they cooperated.

If you click the button 'The Second Order',the order will be 'Gender - Origin - Name - Films' from the inside to outside.

Interactive hints

Mouseover the proportion to discover the actors.Have fun!